The Prickly Hippie

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Cakes & Coffee

Now offering specialty cakes, cupcakes, & other sweet treats for any occasion, The Prickly Hippie is your one-stop-shop for important events and occasions! 

Original works of edible art are created with love and the utmost attention to detail.  Choose from the many flavor options of cake, frosting, fillings, and ganache to build an exquisite, delicious dessert! 

Wedding Cakes

The Prickly Hippie offers both Wedding Cakes and Groom's Cakes of any style or theme! 

With so many styles, flavors, and designs to choose from, The Prickly Hippie has rave reviews from past wedding experiences.  Don't miss the chance to wow your guests with a cake that looks as good as it tastes! 


Custom Cookies

The Prickly Hippie offers custom Royal Iced Sugar Cookies of any style or theme! 

Royal Iced cookies make such a great gift-- (or just a yummy snack!)  Whatever the occasion, reach out!  We'd love to make a custom batch of gorgeous cookies for your event! 

succulent cupcakes


What's better than a beautiful cake?  TONS OF CUPCAKES! 

The Prickly Hippie can't wait to fulfill your special cupcake order.  We also have daily specials at the shop-- so if you'd like just one, come by and see us!  

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Boho Donuts

The Prickly Hippie offers crazy-cool Boho Donuts in many different designs and flavors! 

Wow your coworkers with psychedelic rings of glazed goodness!   Chocolate dipped & topped with gold foil, smothered in sprinkles, topped with Oreos, Fruity Pebbles, or another tasty treat, or indulge in traditional glazed--- we've got the perfect donut to start your day!  

Garden Delight Cakes

These cakes are perfect for any occasion!  Garden Delight cakes have been used for birthday cakes, baby shower cakes, wedding shower cakes, "thank you" gifts, and even just to satisfy the sweet tooth! 

Like eating a piece of art, these cakes are overloaded with specialty cookies, French Macarons, edible gold foil, fresh flowers, and hand-made banners/decor!  

Specialty Cakes

Are you looking for a perfectly themed cake for a birthday party or event?  A Prickly Hippie Specialty Cake is the way to go!  Answer a few questions about inspiration or theme and we can make that whimsical cake idea come to life!