The Prickly Hippie

From the dusty corners of long forgotten antique shops--up from the dry, hot earth of the many Terracotta pots cluttering the kitchen window--
grew the idea to create:
  The Prickly Hippie 


A Piece of The Past

    Every Prickly Hippie plant is rooted with care in a vintage find.  Whether it be found in a thrift store in the mountains of Tennessee, or an abandoned flea market in the Mississippi Delta, a very important aspect of The Prickly Hippie aesthetic is the diversity of the planters used.  
    It is very unlikely that any two Prickly Hippie products will ever be exactly the same!  Hopefully, you will fall in love with a Prickly Hippie plant that is as unique as you are.  These days, One-Of-A-Kind is hard to find.  With The Prickly Hippie, you can pick out a plant that is extraordinary.  

Location, Location, Location

   The Prickly Hippie operates out of Jackson, Mississippi, area.     Right now, Prickly Hippie Products are available online, and can also be found at many Southern Arts & Crafts Festivals.  The folks at Prickly Hippie are working our little tails off to connect with local businesses in hopes of having some shelf-space in their shops soon! 
    At this time, shipping is available in the United States only, but we can't wait to get Prickly Hippie plants all over this beautiful planet of ours.  

Why Succulents & Cacti? 

 What is more beautiful than the millions of shades of color found in a blooming Echeveria? What is more interesting than watching a Cactus mature, blossom, & propagate?   

    Not only are Succulents and Cacti as unique as the planters they're rooted in, but they are also hearty, easy to care for plants.  Succulents and Cacti require minimum work and attention.  These plants make amazing gifts, office decor, and addition to any garden or home.  

What's so Special About Prickly Hippie Products? 

   Prickly Hippie Cacti and Succulents are grown with care and love.  Every plant for sale is planted weeks earlier and tested for proper rooting, growth, and heartiness before being shipped to it's new home.  
   Also, a percentage of the proceeds of every Prickly Hippie sale is donated to a local non-profit organization.  The organization changes monthly, but The Prickly Hippie sticks to its roots of supporting those that are working hard to make the world a better place.  

Cactus classification is similar to fashion on women skirts: they first shorten improperly, and then lengthen excessively.
— C. Glass & R. Foster

About The Gardener

   Jenni is a dreamer, a hippie, a tattoo enthusiast, and a lover of all things living and breathing.  When her hands aren't covered in soil and Cacti spikes, you can find her elbows deep in frosting-- as her full time job is a traveling cake decorator.  
    Along with her on this ride called "Life" is her soul-mate and husband, Josh, their Veiled Chameleon, Franco, their Panther-of-A-House-Cat, Banjo, and their sweet rescue dog, Khaleesi.  
    Adventures for this little family include: kayaking, outdoor music festivals, local events in the Jackson, Mississippi, area, & plenty of days gardening and imagining BIG THINGS for The Prickly Hippie.