The Prickly Hippie

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

    Right now, we are only able to ship within the
United States.  
Also, extra shipping costs will most likely apply for those ordering from Hawaii or Alaska


    Your package will be processed and shipped within 5 days of receipt of payment for your order. If you need a faster arrival of your Prickly Hippie product, please contact us before placing your order-- to be sure that we can meet your needs!
     We ship via flat-rate shipping with USPS.  You will be given a tracking number and all of our shipments are insured.  
    The Prickly Hippie prefers to ship Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each week to ensure that your package isn't stuck in transit over the weekend.  Temperatures, both extremely hot or extremely cold, aren't great for your live little guy, so please be aware of any extreme weather in your area during expected shipment dates.  

  It is very important that you are available to open your package immediately upon arrival.  Your little plant has been in a dark box for a few days-- it needs a lot of sunshine and maybe even a sip of water!  


   The Prickly Hippie works immensely hard to package your one-of-a-kind find as safely, securely, and smartly as possible.  
    Your plant will be protected with bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, tissue paper, paper shreds-- whatever it takes to get your new beauty safely to your doorstep. 

(P.S. We are working on using only 100% natural and recyclable materials for shipping and packaging!) 

   The Prickly Hippie takes great care in the packaging of your plants for shipment, but unfortunately the same can't always be said in how they are handled once they leave our care.  If soil/top rocks are disheveled, lightly brush soil off succulents and gently pat soil back around the base of your plant, then carefully add any fallen rocks to the top of the soil.  

The Prickly Hippie is not responsible for damaged or lost goods during shipping process.  However, please contact us immediately (with photos if applicable) if this occurs-- because all items are insured.  We will do our best to rectify the situation as quickly and easily as possible! 

   Keep in mind, you're ordering a cacti or succulent that is rooted in soil, topped with rocks in a custom planter.  The Whole Package.  This could get heavy!! Everyday we strive to find new ways to keep shipping prices fair, accurate, and reasonable.  This is why we choose to ship USPS flat-rate-- in hopes of saving our customers as much money as possible! 

   If you live in the Mississippi area, you are always welcome to connect with us in the hopes of a local pick-up or delivery to save on shipping costs.  We will do our best to consider those opportunities, but please also understand that usually, shipping is the best option to get your Prickly Hippie as quickly as possible. 

Return Policy

                  There are no returns on live plants.
We want our customers to be 100% satisfied-- if you feel that there is a problem or an item arrives damaged (this does not include minor imperfections in your plant itself, such as small spots, streaks, or slight color shade variation) please contact us and we will do our very best to resolve any situation!

     The Prickly Hippie is not responsible for damaged, stolen, or lost goods during the shipping process.  However, please contact us immediately (with photos if applicable) if this occurs-- because all items are insured.  We will do our best to rectify the situation as quickly and easily as possible! 

Any damage claims must be made within 24 hours of the item's arrival (according to USPS tracking information) and the claim must include photos.  The Prickly Hippie reserves the right to deny claims if the time window mentioned above is not met. 


     The Prickly Hippie works very hard to empower our customers with the confidence & knowledge to care for your new Cacti/Succulents.  You will receive care instructions with your new plant.  We also offer a Plant Care section where you can learn all about taking care of your new friend!  
We are not responsible for the health of your plant once it is in your hands.  However, please feel free to contact us anytime with questions/helpful tips concerning the care of your Prickly Hippie.